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Checklist for Your Wedding to Avoid Last Minute Panic


The wedding day is one of the biggest dreams we all have. It really is important that the whole day glides on smoothly with nothing but smiling faces around you. Still, with the amount of work you have to finish within the short span of time leading up to the wedding day is challenging. You certainly can’t take chances with this one, folks! Even if you are a Do-It-Yourself kind of person, for this event, you can’t be always around managing everything.

Start planning ahead and assign duties to your trusted friends to make sure that nothing goes wrong on your big day. There will be many rituals to go through and ever so many guests to attend to. Then there will be the grand reception party to show up at. That is a whole lot to do and it’s natural that you slip a little. So, to help you keep things smooth and flowing, we bring you a checklist of the most important things that you should go through on the last day of your bachelor/bachelorette life. Trust me, it will be a really trying day even without any extra troubles!!!

1. The Transportation

Wedding Car

If you are arranging for the transportation of your guests to the venue, check with the travels on the day before just to make sure that the buses arrive on time. Also, check that the car which is to take you to the venue is all set to go. A break down en route is the last thing you need. Decide beforehand who all will be traveling in the bus and who is going to come with you. This will avoid any panic in the morning. If you are dressing up at the venue, the bag with all the essentials and the dress should be taken with you. Assign a relative or friend to make sure of it. Also, if the guests are taken to the reception, ensure the transports arrive on time.

2. The Make-Up

Wedding Makeup

Get in touch with the beautician at least two days in advance. Hopefully, you have already gone through the beauty treatments and have had your make up and dress rehearsals. It’s is important that you try out the dress to make sure it fits you perfectly. Pins on your wedding dress to keep it in place won’t look the same as a perfect fit. Remind the beautician of the exact time and location again so that you stick to the clock. Get the essentials for dressing-up packed in a bag and have it transported to the wedding location with you. Make sure you take good care of the valuable jewelry. No troubles needed, remember?

3. The Food

Wedding Food Planning

Get in touch with the caterers at least the day before to give them a little reminder. Go through your food and drink preferences once more to get exactly what you asked for. Ensure that there will be sufficient refreshments for the guests. You might also want to check on the number of servers. The guests will be definitely attending the wedding in expectation of great food, so try to get the best available cuisines that are within your budget plans.

4. The Mandap Decor

Mandap Decor

The wedding can’t really be complete if your Mandap isn’t looking great. All the customs are going to take place there, so assign a friend or a relative to look into the decorations in and around the Mandap. You can always go for some tasteful décor with fragrant flowers or some floating balloons and gossamer ribbons. Talk to the event manager about what you want, if you have hired one. It will be better to do the works only a few hours before the ceremony so that they stay fresh and beautiful all through the wedding. Also, make sure that the necessary arrangements are made to get your own transport decorated. If you need anything delivered or transported, you can trust the efficiency and expertise of Keep On Moving Company.

5. The Packing

honeymoon Packing

You’ll most probably be going on your honeymoon right after the ceremonies. For the bride, packing is a big task because you’ll be shifting to a new home. Pack separately for the journey and have it all transported to the venue along with your make-up and dress. The heavier luggage, with all that you are taking to the Sasural, can wait. Pack everything into bags and get them moved along with you. It’ll be a good idea to designate someone to take care of the luggage.

6. The Bills

wedding expenses

If you are not careful enough with the planning, there is a huge chance of your losing money on unnecessary expenses. But it is a problem which needs a long time to sort out. A day before the wedding, what you should do is getting separate marked envelopes for paying everybody. Count the money properly, put them in distinct envelopes and jot down the name of the person to whom you will be paying the sum. It will be a lot less trouble than making payments at the last moment. Note down every payment you have made till date. If you are paying the caterers beforehand, get signed receipts from everyone to avoid any arguments or confusion in future.

7. The Legal Formalities

Legal Formalities in marriage

Legalizing the marriage is an important part of getting married. Arrange for the signing of the documents as soon as possible after the ceremony. Entrust someone with the task so that the papers are all taken care of while you enjoy the rituals.

8. The Photography

Wedding Photography

Contact your wedding photographers one last time to make sure of what you want. If your religious traditions are different from the normal, take them through the important ceremonies to be covered. Also, you can ask them for some candid pictures of special rituals. Fix a time after the ceremony for the photo session with your relatives. Arrange for some refreshments to be served during this time so that the guests do not get bored waiting for their turns. This whole session should be done according to a plan or wary guests may just leave without waiting for the photography time.

9. An Emergency Bag

Emergency Bag

At the last moment, you cannot be sure that everything will go right, no matter how you wish otherwise! So always expect the best but be prepared for the worst. Pack an emergency kit with stuff like safety pins, clips, bobby pins, lip gloss, hairspray, deodorants, tampons and pocket mirror. Also keep a first aid kit, some glue or tape, shapewear, inners, stain removers and tissues in the kit. Keeping an umbrella and a pair of scissors handy is also recommended.

10. The Wedding Location Directions

Wedding Location Directions

You might have given proper location directions right in the wedding invitation but people are bound to call you on the wedding day or the day the before for directions. So hand over your phone to someone trusted and ask them to attend all the calls. This way you can keep in touch with everyone and enjoy the function at the same time.

11. Spend Time With Your Family

Spend Time With Your Family

Emotions are going to be running high with the wedding just a day away. You must be running around with things on your hand but make sure you get to spend some quality time with your own family on the day before the wedding. This time will be especially important for the bride-to-be as she will be moving in with a whole new family soon. Thank them for sticking by you for so long and let them know how much it means to you. Get them little presents and have a little chat because they will have advises to give you about entering into a married life!!

12. Avoid Facials Before Your Wedding Day

Avoid Facials Before Your Wedding Day

With the kind of pressure that you might be feeling, getting a facial massage on the night before might sound a good idea. But NO! This will be a big mistake. If you are not feeling good, simply get some rest and drink lots of water. Any beauty treatment before the wedding night should be avoided because if something goes wrong, the whole wedding plan will collapse.

13. Limit the Fun

bachelorette party

You can have a bachelor/ bachelorette party the night before but it is quite advisable that you stay sober. You don’t want to be the drunken bride or groom at your own wedding. Get a good night’s rest on the night before so that you won’t be running late to the ceremony. You will be the one responsible for the whole thing and the wedding will be only smooth with you staying in your senses.

14. Rest Before The Big Day

Rest Before The Big Day

No matter what you avoid doing on the day before your wedding, do not keep yourself up in the night. You have to have proper healthy dinner and a good night’s sleep. No one really wants to look like a zombie on their wedding day. Avoid a dinner which includes too much of spices and it’ll be really good if you stick to some milk, eggs, and veggies. Constipation is the last thing you need for the big bridal day. With healthy food in and a sound sleep, you’ll wake up refreshed in the morning.

15. The Reception

Reception Party

The wedding will glide smoothly onto the reception party afterward and, for this to happen, you have to plan ahead. On the last day, check that everything for the reception party is going as per your plans. Crosscheck your food, music, décor and the transportation list, if the reception is not held at the same place as the wedding. Get the reception dress, ornaments and shoes packed and transported to the wedding venue so you can change soon after the wedding is over. Give your wedding that delightful end with a grand reception.

16. Carry Extra Cash

Carry Extra Cash

There are bound to be numerous unprecedented expenses coming along at the last moment. Keep some loose cash aside just for such purposes because you can’t always pay with a visa or a credit card. Also, since you can’t be actually carrying around all the money on your wedding, you might as well hand over the charges to a trusted friend or relative. Keep account of the money so it just doesn’t get spent unnecessarily. 

17. The Post-wedding Things

Post-wedding Things

After the wedding, you can’t look into the things like closing down the venue and collecting all the leftover food and decor that you pay for. Get some of your friends to stay back at the venue and collect all stuff that could be saved for later. There will be things that you have rented which need to be returned too. This is also the time to pack up all the gifts which will have to wait till to be opened.

With these things looked into, there really shouldn’t be any trouble on your wedding day. Apart from making sure that everything goes well, you have to keep in mind the fact that nothing is ever perfect. When finally your big day arrives, go with its flow and enjoy every moment to the fullest. Remember to stop for a moment in the entire bustle and look around just to appreciate all the loving looks, laughter and conversations of your loved ones; because in the end, the little details do not matter but the big happy picture does. You will be carrying only the happy pictures of the day to be cherished in later years. Take deep breaths, relax and smile! You have a great life ahead which will kick start as you run into your partner’s arms!

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