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Book Your Movie Tickets using BookMyShow Coupons

Whenever we are going out for a movie, we ensure to book our tickets first. No one wants to stand in long queues for tickets and end up to find the whole show book! Book my show emerged in the market by identifying this loophole.

It brought a certain excitement among the movie lovers who used to waste their time earlier in long queues. Soon every mobile had BOOKMYSHOW app downloaded and the tickets started booking up through it. People used to get their favorite seats booked using the mobile app. Payments were made online. The company which started from a scrap soon attained an unbeatable position in the market.

1. Founders of BookMyShow

The company came into existence in 2007. Very soon it paved its way to success. The idea was unique and not yet experimented.

 But who came with the idea?                      

The three longtime friends – Ashish Hemrajani, Rajesh Balpande, and Parikshit Dar went on a vacation to South Africa. There the three came up with a unique idea to start such company. The seed of this idea was planted and thus the work was started on it. The three were very sure and confident about their idea.

The three musketeers started work on their dream project. Ashish Hemrajani quit his job at JWT and became CEO of the company. The co-founder Parikshit Dar took over the technology and the other founder Rajesh Balpande took the charge of finance.

2. History of BookMyShow

In 2000, various multiplexes started emerging in India, in order to prove their stone in the Indian Cinema Industry. Big tycoons knew that cinema is one of the major choices of entertainment among Indians. So they caught the right nerve and started trying their hand at it. This turned out to be a challenge for our three musketeers. They took rights to retail and service New Zealand based ticketing software VISTA print.

After going through various rough storms that blocked its way to success, Bookmyshow came into existence in 2007. Network 18 invested in it in March 2007, and in August an internal contest was conducted to name this company where a developer intern came out with a fascinating name

Big Tree Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. came out with India’s first ticketing aggregator – BookMyShow – in August 2007. Presently, it is among one of the biggest ticketing portals of the country. It didn’t restrict to cinema ticketing, rather started booking tickets for Events, Sports, Drama, Plays and much more.

3. Official Partners

BookMyShow became the official ticketing partner for MUMBAI INDIANS, KINGS XI PUNJAB, DELHI DAREDEVILS, PUNE WARRIORS and RAJASTHAN ROYALS.  IPL is celebrated as a festival in India and partnering with such huge event means an increase in profits for the company.

After targeting cricket, it moved forward to car racing. Who doesn’t know about FORMULA 1? BookMyShow became the exclusive ticketing partner of Formula 1, the Indian Grand Prix.

4. Achievements

Since then, various awards came to the way of BookMyShow. In 2011-12, the company was awarded as ‘THE HOTTEST COMPANY OF THE YEAR’ at CNBC Young Turks Award. Also, it turned out to be a company with a maximum sold out tickets in a single month of October 2014.

Also, current followers of BookMyShow on the official Facebook page are around 3.3 million.

It was the official ticketing partner of various blockbuster movies like Dangal, Dhoom 3 where the company earned huge revenue on the sale of tickets. Even it acquired Hyderabad based ticketing company – Masti ticket to strengthen its root in Hyderabad.

5. Accessibility

BookMyShow is very easy to access. Its mobile app is very user-friendly. Any person can easily book its tickets through this app in no time. BookMyShow even came out with its newly designed app where various more features are added to it like Split Costs and Split Tickets.

6. Basic Features

BookMyShow offers show times, movie tickets, reviews, trailers, concert tickets, events near you. You can just surf the app and get your desired tickets at any time just sitting at your house.

BookMyShow covers all the genres of entertainment and brings them to you at most affordable prices. It helps in booking your tickets for favorite shows or events well in advance so as to avoid unavailability of tickets at the last moment.

7. New Sensational Features

In order to provide a better experience to the customers, BookMyShow has added new features to its mobile app.

  • NEW FILTER: New filter features helps you to select the movies more easily. You can sort the movies on the basis of language or cinema as per your interest.
  • DIFFERENT LANGUAGE MOVIES: New option helps in discovering entertainment in different languages like Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, aside from default English. Thereby, you can go by your comfort zone language.
  • MINI MAPS: Mini Maps options gives the user a birds-eye view of the premises where the actual movie or the event is conducted. This helps the user to easily access to the place of the actual event. It also helps in locating the places near to your vicinity.
  • SPLIT TICKET OPTION: The much trending Split Ticket Option let you split the cost of the ticket in the platform’s wallet.
  • DIFFERENT GENRE MOVIES: BookMyShow now provides a movie of each and every genre according to your taste. Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood, you can book a ticket for any movie in any language in your nearby theatre.

8. Movie Ticket Reservation

BookMyShow online app provides us a feature to reserve our ticket for the favorite movie well in advance. But it may happen that we book our tickets for the next week and on an actual day we get preoccupied with some work. In that situation, the reservation turns up of no use. Instead, we lose our money we spent over reserving our ticket. Movie tickets are non-refundable as we all know. Money spent over it is totally wasteful in case of last minute changes.

In order to overcome this problem, BookMyShow came up with a brand new feature which will provide its customer a stress less booking of tickets.

Under its new feature, it allows its customer to block the desired movie ticket well before without making any actual payment. Before a couple of hours of the show timing, it will send you reminders that still your booking is incomplete. Once you are sure, checked up your schedule well, you can simply complete your booking by making the payment. If you have some plans, simply you can cancel your reservation.

Thereby, this feature helps you to block your ticket well in advance without making any payment.

9. BookMyShow Coupons

“A coupon every day keeps the expense away”

By using a wide range of offers, coupons, etc., the customers can save a lot on every booking they make. BookMyShow is a blessing for the movie lovers. Now customers have not to wait at the booking counters and strive hard for the houseful movie tickets. You can even book tickets for the first day first show by just sitting at your home using BookMyShow app. Choose your desirable movie seats and enjoy the great discount on every booking you make at

With a booking you make using the app, you get special discount coupons that you can redeem at best restaurants around your theatre location. The movie is incomplete with snacks! Thereby using these coupons helps you to order delicacies that you can enjoy at your movie time.

Coupons act as a cherry on the cake and make your experience more remarkable.

  • BookMyShow releases MONTHLY/WEEKLY OFFERS to meet revenue goals
  • REFERRAL OFFERS are also released by BookMyShow where some additional cash backs are provided on referring to site to your friends.
  • Buy 1 Get 1 Free ticket offers are also provided by BookMyShow on special occasions.
  • Coupons are provided to save a certain amount on next ticket booking
  • Coupons providing delicacies like popcorn, coke, etc., on tickets booked through the app
  • Special discount to regular customers who make a booking using BookMyShow app.
  • Cashbacks are also provided on making payment through particular wallet or credit cards. Paytm, Mobikwick, ICICI Bank, IndusInd Bank, etc. are some medium that provides cash back on every payment made.

10. Latest BookMyShow Coupons

  • Judwaa 2: Buy 1 Get 1 Free on Movie Ticket + Rs. 10 Cashback
  • ICICI Bank Credit Cards:  Rs. 100 Off on Ticket bookings
  • PVR CINEMA: Buy 1 Get 1 Free on Movie Ticket + Cashback
  • YES BANK CREDIT CARDS: Flat 25% off on movie ticket + cashback
  • Simran:  Buy 1 Get 1 Free on Movie Ticket + Cashback
  • BookMyShow along with Mobikwik provides 15% discount on every ticket you book.


BookMyShow is coming out with new features to provide better customer experience. A wide range of coupons provided by BookMyShow helps you to make a big saving with every booking you place using its user-friendly app.

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