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Try The Best Perfumes In India That You Must Try: All Under Rs 450


The sense of smell is the most powerful and important among the five. It always tends to happen, sometimes you feel attracted to someone because of the way they smell. Perfumes are loved by everyone, not only it removes your body odour but also boosts your confidence for a closer move. These best perfumes in India will make you go mad.

Top 10 Best Perfumes In India

1. Denver Esteem

Best Perfumes in india

Denver recently launched an ombre colored bottle with luxurious packaging, which is too good and appealing. Unlike its different variants in green red and blue bottle, this fragrance is a sweet and citrus mixed smell, which is truly intoxicating. The rectangle shape of the bottle and leather cap makes it good. All over it’s a good everyday perfume to use, its smell lasts long up to the next day, and is appropriate for men of all age groups. This is easily available in Flipkart stores, use Flipkart coupons to buy now.

Its price is 450 rupees for 100ml.

2. Colour Me Gold

best women perfumes

Colour Me Gold Eau De Toilette is an EDT with a small 50 ml bottle. A bigger bottle is also there. Its small packaging makes it convenient and easy to carry. this product is from the house of color. The gold edition of this perfume is very fascinating with a compulsive woody mixed with sweet and fruity notes. This is one of the best perfumes in India exudes sparkling citrus lemon, juicy fruity notes of cherry, and peach. Made for men has jasmine, amber wood, balsam, and musk. The base is woody with orange flower accords. It comes at an affordable price, good packaging, and is suitable for casual wear. It can be used in summer as well as winter too. Coming to its availability, this perfume is not widespread and hence can only be found on some popular online shopping sites.

The price of this perfume is 449 rupees for 50ml.

3. Fogg Xtreme Scent

best perfumes of all time

This fragrance is very popular nowadays, and in spite of its name, it has good fame too, or to say it better a good smell. If you like woody and citrus mixed fragrances then this is for you. This perfume has a strong fragrance but once it settles down it becomes normal. its packaging is damn beautiful and compact handy and also travel-friendly. Maybe everyone does not like it because of its strong smell but its smell is really awesome. It lasts all day and suitable for everyday use. It is available easily everywhere, use Snapdeal coupons for offers.

Price for this bottle is 449 for 50ml.

4. Adidas Ice Dive

best long lasting perfumes for men

The freshness and spunk of this fragrance are good which is suitable for people who are in basically this fragrance is for athletes. it really lasts long. its packaging is not very good and also not durable. if you don’t mind the bottle, then no problem at all! Adidas Ice Dive Eau De Toilette is made for the ultimate athlete. It is a fresh, clean scent that is cool and refreshing. It is appropriate for casual daytime usage and is specifically made to serve the energy and physical endurance of top athletes. This perfume has a blend of citrus, greens, and amber scent. This perfume is easily available online and is perfect for casual wear.

The price of this perfume is 449 rupees.

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5. W.O.W. Perfumes Invade

best women perfumes

W.O.W. Perfume for men in Invade is primarily is a fruity and woody fragrance. The fragrance has top notes of Grapefruit, Mandarin, and Marine while the middle notes have a floral twist. The base is made with the rich and classic Guaiac wood, Patchouli, and mossy notes along with amber wood that gives it enough strength. The small 30ml bottle is convenient and easy to try. Although you will like its smell, it is suitable for everyday use and very travel-friendly, with good packaging, It has a strong amber base which Stays all the entire day though fade after a few hours. It is a Very good option if u want to gift to someone. Recommended for evening wear and party wear.

Its price is really convenient, which is Rs.350 for 30ml.

6. Fogg Ossum Body Mist

perfumes for women in india

Fogg Scent Make My Day, is a fragrance that lifts your senses and brightens up all those greys. This women’s perfume provides a 12-hour anti-bacterial shield against body odour. Also, it is gentle on your skin. What makes it one of the best perfumes is that it is quite strong and clear. Apart from all these Fogg is already taking lead, by producing its various product for both men and women in a wide range of deodorants and body mists also in budget. Beautiful fragrance and long-lasting. Too much worth the money. This one has a nice and sweet floral smell. The quantity in the bottle too is enough as per the price.

The price of this perfume is 425 rupees.

7. Yardley London Mist

best perfumes for men in India

This perfume Packed in a sturdy cylindrical tin bottle with a cap on top enclosing a spray pump, the packaging of Yardley London Mist Refreshing Body Spray is quite impressive.  it has a very low staying power, less than 45 minutes. As a result, if you are pondering if you should be relying on it for a longer duration, the answer is clearly in negation. On the whole, as far as packaging is concerned, it is definitely up to the mark.

Price for this perfume is 190 rupees.

8. Layer’s Wottagirl

wottagirl perfumes

Layer’s Wottagirl Love Your Style Poise Fragrant Body Splash has an amazing, amazing smell. It’s not fruity. It’s a mix of floral and woody fragrances with a trace of vanilla. The fragrances are very refreshing instantly uplifts the mood. But if you love the mild fragrance, then this body splash is probably not the best choice for you.  It comes in a semi-transparent black container with a black cap attached. It has a silver nozzle which acts just perfectly. The overall packaging is compact, sturdy, and very much travel-friendly. It has great staying power, doesn’t irritate the skin, or stain the cloth.

The price of this perfume is179 for 135 ml.

9. Armaf Club De Nuit

Perfumes for men

This perfume bottle has Sleek and simple packaging. the fragrance is full of freshness and soothing to your senses. refreshing and long-lasting one with fruity, woody, floral, and citrus notes, making this fragrance a well-balanced body spray. The body spray has an amazing fragrance and if you are a girl who doesn’t want a really strong fragrance and is looking for a mild and balanced yet effective. this perfume stays on for a good 5-6 hours after that one can reapply as per one’s requirement. The interesting blend of scents creates a fragrance that is soft, sweet, and intoxicating- something that can’t fail to excite.

The price of this perfume is 345 for 250 ml.

10. Colour Me Purple

colour me purple perfumes under 499

Color me purple is the ideal everyday fragrance. Its purple packaging is very beautiful as well as cute and can be easily carried, making it travel-friendly. The fragrance of this perfume is bright and elegant with interesting layers of aromas. White vanilla and jasmine compliment fruity scents and is a perfect combination ensuring that fragrance remains peaceful and sensual. The most amazing thing is that just one spritz of this attractive fragrance on each wrist would be enough to see your the whole day. Boasting notes this unusual perfume is the ideal gift or special occasion fragrance.

The price of this perfume is 449 for 100ml.

The Verdict!

The perfume has been used for fragrance from old times. It will help you to smell good the whole day and will keep your body odour away. For your perfect mood always select the best perfumes in India on the basis of your occasion. But, do you know a perfume has several other benefits too? It can help you cure insomnia and beat stress too! Buy these perfumes and many more, from Amazon at discounted prices. Click on the link to grab amazon offers and shop now.

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