Best ID Card Printers For Small Businesses

Best ID Card Printer For a Small Business


There are several questions you’ll need to look into before getting the right ID card printer for your small business, questions whose answers will not only help you get the perfect printer you need but will make the whole process faster for you. Ask yourself these questions to get a better idea about the ID card printer you need:

What The Card Volume To Be Printed Is Estimated To Be?

It’s important to know how much you’re gonna be printing using the ID card printer. Once you know the card volume you’re going to print on a regular basis, you’ll need to find the ID card printer that fits your needs and doesn’t lack in the speed department. This will help increase productivity in the workplace as you’ll always trust your ID card printer to do the job. 

Would You Want To Print Both Sides Or A Single Side Of The Card?

Many ID card printers nowadays have features that aren’t just reliable and important to take advantage of, but are more commonly used than one would expect. Since many printers, whether they are inkjet printers or ID card printers now have an option where you can print on both sides of a sheet or a card or just one side. The ones that offer both options are more costly, but the feature they offer can be taken advantage of any time. If you’re looking to get an ID card printer that only prints one side of the card, or both, find the one that suits your needs from so you’re not spending extra for a feature you won’t even use. 

How Can ID Card Printers Increase Durability?

Many ID Card printers nowadays offer features that make an ID card, no matter how many colors or graphics it has, more secure and durable. Features like printing barcodes or digital ID’s while also laminating a card on the spot is a feature you should take advantage of when looking to get an ID card printer. There are two main ID card printers you can choose that can create ID cards with supreme quality that maintain this quality in the long run. 

Direct To Card (DTC):

The Direct to Card (DTC) technology is unlike any other when it comes to using a dye-sublimation process to print images that are just built differently. Heating the print ribbon beneath the thermal print head allows the transfer of color to be done from the ribbon onto the card. ID card Printers that use DTC although provide better images, and have problems in the speed department as there will be several processes going on all at once. Doing your research is important when getting a DTC printer, so learn about it and if you think it’ll suit your needs, get it. 

Retransfer Printing:

This method is used by various ID card printers. You’ll often find this process under the name of High Definition Printing (HDP). This process consists of two steps to transfer images onto a more clearer film known as a retransfer film, that will be fused to the card. 

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