15 Best Gardening Tools

15 Best Gardening Tools to Buy For Beginners

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Gardening is that hobby that is the best utilization of leisure time. It is being pursued by many folks these days as in this pandemic, people are left with a lot of idle time. In my opinion, it is also very productive for nature as well as the environment. I have also just started doing a floristry course online and it’s absolutely amazing, so check that out if you’d like to learn more advanced floristry skills in your spare time.

Now the question arises, if people are beginners then, how to initiate gardening? What are the best gardening tools to buy or is there any beginner’s kit to get involved in this? Well, in this article there will be information on the 15 best gardening tools to buy along with their features and utilization techniques. If your garden is looking a little worn from family use this summer, here’s how to spruce it up. Shop these gardening tools for beginners with the use of Amazon Coupons and get exciting discount offers on your purchase.

Planting Pots- Best Gardening Tools

1. Pots Or Plant Containers

The basic and essential item for planting the seedlings other than ground in a pot. Pots are usually made up of mud and these have the capacity to absorb moisture in them to help to grow plants. There is n number of shapes, sizes, colors in pots. Gardeners or beginners for their home decor can choose any type of plant pot to plant their seedlings.

  • It should not be much heavy if small plants are to be a bed.
  • If plant needs more space then, probably a wider rectangular type pot can work out.

Safety Tools- Gardening Tools List

2. Gloves

For gardening, one of the necessity is gloves. There come many plants which can be thorny or have rough surfaces which can be worked out with right pair of gloves.

  • Gloves should be waterproof.
  • The fabric should be breathable.
  • The gloves should not be poorly fitted. It should feel like a second skin to the hands.
  • Gloves should belong so that arms and wrists can be protected too.
Best Gardening Gloves

3. Boots

If you are a beginner, you should think of a pair of boots for your gardening hobby. Boots will be helpful to protect you from the turns, dirt or dust, weeds, or any insects inside the soil. It can also protect you from the cold temperatures or the water/moisture of the soil.

  • Boots should be made up of rubber.
  • It should be water resistant.
  • It should be long enough to go deeper in soil too.
Gardening Boots

Digging Tools- Best Gardening Tools

4. Garden Fork

It is one of the best gardening tools and becomes a necessity to dig the soil denser and to turn it up and down.

  • It should have a curve on its blade for digging out enough soil.
  • A square blade is useful for digging out much of the soil with rocks or pebbles in it.
Gardening Forks

5. Spades

Short handles spades are the best gardening tools and are widely required for your gardening kit. These are basically digging tools. Spades are utilized for making holes in the soil to place plants, for lifting out sand, for moving dirt and dust nearby plants, etc.

  • Spades handle should be made up of hardwood as it makes it durable and it will last longer.
  • Upper head should be off stainless steel as it leaves it with no chance of rusting.
Gardening Spades

6. Shovels

These are the necessity and the best gardening tools for beginners. Shovels are basically acted as the carriers to lift out the heavy materials out of the soil or the soil itself. These are made up of steel blades and wood. Shovels come in a variety of sizes and materials. Generally, shovels with a strong handle and a strong blade can carry bulky material, natural stone, pebbles, or any granular material out of the soil. These shovels are also used for leveling out the grass or flower beds.

Difference between a shovel and a spade?

The shovel is generally heavier in size than a spade. Shovel’s work is to carry out the heavy materials whereas the spade’s work is to dig out the soil.

Planting Tools- Basic Gardening Tools

7. Hand Trowel

It is an essential hand tool which proves a boon for taking out weeds. It is basically used for picking out plants or herbs for purpose of replanting from one place to another.

  • The blade of steel will work longer and it should be durable.
  • Handle of trowel should have good grip.

8. Dibbers

Dibber is another planting tool which is made up of wood, metal or steel. It is used for making pointed holes in the soil to place seedlings in it. It is basically a pointed tool which is commonly used by gardeners and is categorised as the best gardening tool for planting.

Watering Tools- Gardening Tools List

9. Watering Cans

Watering cans are used for watering the plants. There is no limit in shape, size, colour or material of the can. Basically, two types of cans are easily available, that is, of plastic or metal.

  • Metal cans would last long.
  • Nozzle size can be changed accordingly if to water the plants inside your living area. Small necked nozzle can tend to spill water on the floor.
  • Size of Can should be chosen wisely as per gardener’s capacity of carrying.

10. Garden Hose

Garden Hose is a pipe through which the water flows out to reach each and every corner of your garden. Its diameter varies with the requirement of your garden as if the garden is big and requires a large amount of water, then, probably a hose with a wider diameter works out.

On the other hand, to sprinkle or spray water over your plants, a nozzle is attached with a hose which will be adjusted as per water pressure.

  • Always buy the estimated length of hose required for your garden.
  • Hoses should be stored out of sunlight.
  • Rubber material hoses are best and widely used.

11. Sprinklers

Sprinklers are the Mini fountains for the garden. These are used to sprinkle the water in each and every corner of the garden. It rotates like a fountain and its diameter also varies with the requirement of the area of your garden.

Sprinklers are of various types like oscillating sprinklers, rotating sprinklers, stationary sprinklers, Travelling sprinklers etc. It depends upon the need of the gardener that what kind of sprinkler is required for watering the plants.

  • The best time to sprinkle the water over the plants is the morning time.
  • One of the widely used sprinklers is a rotating sprinkler which Sprays water in a rotating motion to the whole garden.

Carriage Tools- Tools For Gardening

12. Wheelbarrow

The wheelbarrow is just like a trolley with wheels to remove or to carry extra soil, weeds, leaves or any dirt or dust out of your garden area. It can be the best gardening tool to lift or move gardening equipment too.

  • Handle to move should be comfortable with your grip.
  • Do the inflation of wheels regularly to move it easily.
  • Dual handle and dual wheels wheelbarrow is easier to handle.

Cutting Tools- Shears Gardening Tools

13. Shears

Shears are the best shears gardening tools that are used to cut unwanted stems or flowers out of your plants or trees. These are distinguished from regular scissors as these have large blades specially designed for this purpose.

14. Pruning Shears

  • Pruning Shears are the type of scissors that are used to cut tough plant stems or grass which, otherwise, is not a work for a knife. These are also known as hand pruners. These shears are built up of sharp blades and steel handles.
  • Hedge shears are the shears that are used to cut small shrubs of approximately 2.5 inches thick.
  • Loppers are another type of pruning shears but with longer handles to provide good leverage. These are used with both hands to cut the stems.
  • Some loppers have adjustable handles and these can be extended as per need.
  • Some loppers have one blade. These are bypass loppers.
  • Other are Anvil loppers which tend to crush the stems rather than cut.

So go with your requirement.

15. Pruning Saws

  1. These are the best gardening tools as these saws are used to cut stems of 1.5 inches to 5 inches thick in diameter.
  2. Pruning saws can be of different sizes as per the requirement of the gardener. Basically, to cut wider or thick trees, a chainsaw is best. If you want the tree removed from your property, you can hire a professional from this tree removal Gold Coast service.
  3. A saw with a curve in its blade is best for cutting the trees or the plants from the foot. Racing Axe is what you need for woodchopping.

Whether gardening is your hobby or your profession, above mentioned tools and equipment from Home gardens care are necessary to be bought for your garden to prosper and cherish all over. Planning to start your own lawn care company? Visit FieldRoutes for lawn care advertising ideas from the experts. Plants are just living beings and require love and care which can be provided to them by taking their proper care. It is possible with these aforementioned best gardening tools.

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