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Top 10 Most Important Baby Care Tips for first time Parents


The first time for anything is very special. It might be scary but exciting. Every child born into the world is a new thought of God. An ever fresh and radiant possibility and that’s why when you are going to become a parent for the first time so you need to know baby care tips. You would want everything to be perfect! You would hope for your child to look up to you one day and say, ”I’ve got the best parents!” But being a parent isn’t easy, it requires a lot of patience and willpower to be the best version of yourself and you’re your kid happy and healthy along with yourself being stable and that’s when this list comes in handy.

Top 10 Baby Care Tips

1. Crying Doesn’t Mean Colic

Experts had a belief that uncontrollable crying automatically meant colic. Colic is defined as severe pain in the abdomen caused by wind or obstruction in the intestine.

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But these days after a few research work, the kid’s cry because of acid reflux which can be painful but is completely curable for kids. Acid reflux is basically spitting up after a meal. Axid or Nizatidine can be used for acid reflux and the child will soon be happier and healthier.

2. Skip the Baby Wipes

Baby care tips

When you become a parent for the first time, you have to spend a lot of money on purchasing daily products for the baby. One such product you invest money is on baby wipes. Baby wipes are costlier and they can be hurtful for sensitive bums and for fact 100% breastfed baby doesn’t need baby wipes. Feces of the breastfed baby are low in acid and bacteria, water and wipe off easily, breastfed baby urine is dilute and non-corrosive. If you wipe the baby’s butt with the damp cloth diaper you’re taking off and rewrap in a new clean cloth diaper, you do not require any baby wipes. Alternatively, instead of baby wipes, you can use washed cloth and mild soap.

3. Sterilize Before Use

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Sterilize means to make something free from bacteria or living micro micro-organisms. It is very much important to sterilize baby products to prevent them from getting sick or protect them from germs. Sterilizing all the baby products can be time taking and a lot of hard work if you do it in a pot with water. There is an easier way to sterilize these things without using a costly home sterilizer. You can simply toss everything in your dishwasher without applying any soap to it and run it on a short, hot cycle.

4. Keep Them Dry

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While keeping your baby healthy and clean, you need to also make sure that you are clean and healthy. Whenever cool air hits the baby’s privates, he or she will pee, this, in turn, will make you dirty and unhygienic. To prevent yourself from getting dirty, open the baby’s diaper slowly and carefully so that you can catch the stream or cover the baby’s privates with a washcloth. The washcloth will absorb the smell before it gets to you.

5. Don’t Waste Money on Unnecessary Things

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Money in today’s world is very important. After having a child, you cannot spend money carelessly. Until your child can walk, he or she doesn’t really require any shoes. You can make them wear socks but shoes aren’t what they need. So save your money until the kid really needs them.

6. Sleeping Habits

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It is very important for a parent to stay healthy but for their baby to grow healthy. For this, a parent needs proper sleep which might be difficult while the baby wakes up at odd hours or doesn’t sleep without crying. Music can tame the savage beast. It can also calm a child down or even put him to sleep. Slide in a CD and see how your child reacts to that kind of music. After the child has slept, makes it a little difficult for the child to wake up by using blackout curtains in the baby’s room. You should also try to learn more about ferber method because it’s incredibly beneficial to fight against sleeping problems.

Sometimes the kid sleeps better on the parent’s arms because they like their comfort and warmth so you can provide that kind of comfort in their crib by wrapping a blanket around a heating pad and letting it warm up their bed while you feed them, after feeding them, remove the heating pad and slip the baby between the folds of the warm blanket. Prewarming a blanket in the dryer also works. Also sometimes the baby has a diaper blowout or upset tummy in the middle of the night, to not fumble for clean bedclothes, put two layers of sheets and waterproof mattress covers on the crib mattress at a time. This way you can just pull off the top two layers, change them, and put them back to bed. You can also read about the benefits of pacifiers for your baby’s sleep here.

7. Holding a Baby is Good

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The first instinct for any parent is always to hold their baby whenever they cry or make a noise. A parent always holds the baby while making them sleep or feeding them. Especially for first-time parents, since they are not that used to be a parent, they tend to hold their babies most of the times to provide warmth and comfort but many a time we see, people criticizing parents for holding their child for long hours. One should not feel guilty for holding their child because a child who is often held and has their needs met right away are more likely to have a higher self-image and learn they are respected and worthy. So don’t worry, holding a baby is a good and natural thing.

8. Baby Bond With Their Father

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A baby comes to this world because of two individuals. Even though the mothers can take maternity leave but fathers continue to work to maintain the balance. So, make sure your baby has plenty of time alone with his father. His touch and voice will obviously be different than yours and this will start a bonding process and give you adequate break to relax. During this time, your child will learn there is more than one way to receive comfort, which will help him to get comfortable with the sitter or other family members.

9. Hold your Baby with Different Methods

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After the baby is born, most of the time they spend in a parent’s arms, and a baby prefers to be in your arms but this is not sustainable. Even though it is comfortable and provides the baby with warmth, you need your single pair of arms to be free at some point in time. You need your hands for other work as well, from using the restroom to making food and it is not always safe to fall asleep with the baby in your arms. And you can use the baby swing for lulling your babies to sleep, baby wrap also allows you to keep the baby close while freeing your arms to do other tasks, many babies fall asleep in a stroller, making for appropriate errands or a walk around the block. You can also use an infant cushion that uses the baby’s weight to give the feeling of being held.

10. Be Responsible, Patient & Composed

Raising a newborn is not easy but do not fret or fume when you are unable to handle your baby. It is all part of you and the baby growing up together, try remaining cheerful, and enjoy all the stress and situations you experience while dealing with your child. Learn ways to soothe your baby instead of getting worried about why is the baby crying. It will be your very first mode of communication with the baby. Remember your baby Is fragile and the initial bond formed with your baby will be everlasting. Do not hesitate to seek help from others when you make any mistake, you are only human.

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Having a baby is pure magic. To give life after holding it within you for 9 months is a pure miracle. The baby comes as a puddle of joy, hope, and a gift of life in your world. It needs to be taken care of and appreciated until the time it can take care of itself. Having a baby requires months of planning. You need to get a list of things done before having the baby, most of the things need to be handy for you to use whenever and wherever necessary. When it is your first time, you should not take it as your weak point to seek help. You only take help, to be cautioned for your children, to provide them with the best, happy, safe, and healthy environment. You need to have a well-planned lifestyle after having a baby, fulfill all the baby’s needs, provide them with healthy surroundings and take care of them in order to help them and you, yourself to grow into a happy and healthy individual.

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