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Honesty and Good Public relations bring in good Harvests

Abhibus the ticketing agency is speeding towards becoming India’s number one ticketing agency. As the name suggests Abhibus (But now in Hindi) aims at making Bus traveling easy by helping its clients book their tickets online from their homes and offices.

Abhibus.com was founded in 2007 under the brand name AbhiBus Services (India)  Private Limited. Its main purpose is to provide the bus Transport industry with value-added solutions and also end-to-end software. At the moment the company provides more than 100 bus operators with technological solutions to their problems and is also the troubleshooter for 4 state transport corporations and 2 international operators. Those statistics are enough to prove the rapid growth and good name these people are having. Add to this the fact that they have ticket inventory from 75000 routes and 2500 operators there are no two opinions about AbhiBus being the most popular and preferred online booking agents bus travelers.

When we talk of an end-to-end software we are talking about software solution which consists of e-ticketing systems, vehicle tracking systems, fleet management solutions, logistics management, passenger information system backed by 24×7 customer support center.

With so many achievements and such a bright track record, Abhibus.com is also very particular about sharing is profits with its customers, the people who have trust in them. This they do by offering a number of Abhibus Coupons together with Abhibus discounts and also Abhibus deals.

Given below are some of the current offers

  • If you use PhonePe to book your ticket through Abhibus then you can utilize its ABHINOVEMBER Sale @ Bus Tickets: Up to Rs 250 Cashback.
  • INR 200 off on all Abhi Bus Ticket Booking Offers Sale.
  • Up to INR200 cashback on bus booking in Abhi bus Wednesday to Friday sale.
  • APSRTC Bus tickets fetch you flat 20% off on our tickets.
  • If you use HDFC cards for Netbanking then INR 80 off.
  • Get INR100 back on tickets worth 1200 as Abhibus Cashback offer.
  • Let SRS Travels give you a special offer of Best Prices onBus tickets, on Abhibus.
  • If you are using Abhibus coupons then you get a 25% cashback.
  • Use the Abhibus coupon code and get INR 100 on INR 1200.
  • Use HDFC bank card get INR 80 cashback.
  • You can get 25% cashback on Abhibus discount coupons if you pay using Amazon Pay.

Make use of Abhibus offers, Abhibus Discount Coupon Codes and Abhibus Promo Codes and save your hard-earned money.

  1. Mobile App Bookings can get you Flat INR 50 cashback.
  2. Redeem Back Deals of INR 100 Max.
  3. APSRTC Bus Tickets bring you 20% off.
  4. Any Bus booking can get you 150% off.
  5. Another important feature and that too which is much appreciated by clients is that they give discounts on the single or one-way journey as many other services give discounts only if the tickets are a two-way affair.
  6. Another gesture from Abhibus is the introduction of their Abhibus cash which is their bus booking currency you become a beneficiary of this scheme by default the moment you register with the Abhibus people.

You can use this currency or Abhibus cash as it is called for buying your tickets through Abhibus.com. It is specially made to benefit you by making it easy for you to manage your cash back that you get from the promotional offers of Abhibus. All cashback discounts and even actual money is credited to your account for further use. This facility sees to it that your hard earned money is not wasted and you can make utmost use of this currency. It is a very easy way of managing all the cashback you get from Abhibus. This facility is especially appreciated by the people who are very frequent travelers. A lot of their financial worries are taken care of by this scheme.

The procedure required to use this is very simple all that you are required to do in order to redeem your cash it is that you have to select the Abhilash tab on checkout page on abhibus.com.

The above-mentioned coupons, and deals and promotional codes are just a few of the many you get by registering with Abhibus. It is mainly because of the excellent service provided and these thoughtful gestures that Abhibus is gaining so much popularity and advancing its business.

Looking at the career chart of Abhibus.com you will find that these people started with online bus tickets booking as their main business but they have now forayed into so many other fields connected with the transport world.

They are today ISO certified an ISO 9001:2008 certified company.

Feathers in the Cap

The many feathers that their goodwill coupled with excellent services provided have put in their caps.

  • It is the Information Technology partner for many State Transport corporations and many Private Bus Fleets operators.
  • It has managed to make Mahesh Babu as its brand ambassador, that itself is a matter of great pride. To be able to afford such a great superstar.
  • It has won the AWATAR 2.1 project for the Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation.
  • It has won the contract and become the official Transport provider for the Royal Challengers. In IPL 2017
  • They have become the official online reservation system for Himachal State Road Transport Corporation (HSRTC).
  • Abhibus also bags online reservation system for Himachal State Road Transport Corporation (HSRTC).
  • It is the first bus ticketing company to introduce a wallet scheme for its customers It is also the first bus ticketing company to have a wallet of its own.
  • As a franchisee for its B2B bookings. With this new inclusion of inventory, abhibus.com would have in total more than 850000 seats on offer per day.
  • Abhibus has also bagged a contract for Tamilnadu states Road Transport Corporation online ticket solutions this is supposed to be the biggest online booking solution as it will cater to 2 crore passengers every day. They also have the contract from Uttarakhand Transport Corporation for their e-ticketing project.

Their BtoB has also included the providing of SaaS products to people in the bus ticketing process field and making the process simpler with the help of SaasS. This is also done by bringing inventories of the bus operators online.

Impressive Growth Rate

All these achievements by Abhibus and that too in a short span of seven to eight years is certificate enough to prove that they are a group that believes in giving good service to its clients. They have not limited their services to ticket booking only but have ventured into other fields like that of providing bus transport industry with value-added solutions and end-to-end software. providing. They also arrange for tours, travel bookings, availability of cars and taxis. Electronic machines vehicle trekking devices and solutions, scientific surveying, photography etc. Their main aim though is to provide online bookings to their customers so that they are spared a lot of inconveniences which a normal traveler has to undergo. This idea had actually cropped up in the mind of one of the founders who had to travel a lot by bus during his student days. He looked at the discomforts he had to face and decided to launch this company to make travel hassle-free.

Good Advertising

Among the many ideas which appeal to the common public when making a selection from the many Travel and booking agents two very sweet reasons are that the name Abhibus appeals to the people and secondly they find the user interface very friendly. The fact, that though this company started in south India it has captured the market as far up north as Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand speaks volumes about its services, its Public relations and the hard work put in by the people at all levels in the organization. They have nice names for their various offers like for example the latest package of offers deals and coupons for November 2017are called ‘Abhi November’ This kind of advertising can be very appealing to people especially children and once children set their mind on something they have to have to have it The same role is played by the name of the agency ‘Abhibus” which again has a nationalistic flavor about it people feel it belongs to them more than any other. “They have a scheme Flat 10% max Rs 100 for Private Operators and Flat 5% Max Rs 25 for SRTC bookings”. This kind of advertising or facility is very appealing to private operators too and they give their contract to the Abhibus people.


This is how honest businesses grow, this is why honest businesses grow by leaps and bounds with the blessings of its clients and it is all so obvious in the case of Abhibus.com.

Abhibus Team

They have grown, they have expanded, they have made a niche for themselves a place which other competitors are finding very difficult to reach. There have been many older and more experienced players in the field, who also had a name and still have but Abhibus seems to be overtaking them all. Once a business starts growing the first thing you notice is that it expands, it reaches out to other products and other locations and all this is what the graph at abhibus.com shows. Starting with a capital of 15 lakhs and a 450 sq feet space. This company which started as a one-man show today has thousands of shareholders thousands of employees and is spread over the whole of India. The various fields where Abhibus seems to be establishing itself and making its presence felt are ticket booking, software solutions, Transport industry as a whole, travel, and tourism etc.

Basically, a software people the group founded a private incorporated company “Abhibus Software solutions Private Ltd” in December 2009. Classified as a non-government company registered at the registrar of companies its products are other computer related activities like creating multimedia presentations maintenance of websites of other companies etc.

Having the advantage of possessing their own technological platform they have in the past worked at enabling bus operators in the digital world and now as bigger and more forceful plans to proceed in the online ticketing business with intentions of making bus operators more digitally and technologically savvy and aware. With their B2B experience and they have gathered a lot of experience in online bus ticketing ecosystem. They are working towards collecting funds to strengthen their ideas and put them into practice. Looking at the growth chart and keeping an eye on the market buzz Abhibus.com has all the makings of achieving their target and reaching further heights on the sheer base of grit and dedication and also good public relations and honesty.

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