These 11 Things Every Foodie in College Can Relate To!

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As a student, you will have a great many memories to cherish in future. Life with friends is definitely one such. But if you are a foodie, there are a lot of things that only you can understand. Food is not just survival but for you, it is a constant source of comfort.

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Here are 11 things you can totally relate to if you are a foodie who is still in college. And if you were a hosteller too, like they say, “the more, the merrier”.

1. Hostel and you don’t get along well at all.You got tired of mess food even before you finished the first year in college.

You have disliked the mess food from the first week itself. I mean, everyone dislikes the food but with you, the case is of an even higher degree of dislike. It never satisfies your taste buds and you go out to have something tasty almost every evening.

2. You simply can’t wait through the three hours of class for food, after breakfast.

The three lectures in the morning are a torture. By the time it is one o’clock, you are hungry enough to eat anything you can get your hands on and this is the matter of every single day in college. Lunch is only too welcome. And your hunger can be satisfied not just by lunch, you need some extra bites to calm your stomach down to normal. During noon break, you move from one lunchbox to another till you’ve had a bite from every day schooler’s lunch.

3. You freely compliment your best friend who also happens to be an awesome cook.

Isn’t it just awesome that one of your best friends happens to be an excellent cook? He/she brings you great delicacies every day. A day without them is not the same because you haven’t had the taste of their food for one whole day. The very thought of their food brings water to your mouth and you are generous in complimenting for their talents.

4. Snacks are your constant companions in the class room.

You have a personal horde of packets of food in your hostel room. You also carry a packet of chips or something similar to class for that time between breakfast and lunch. You may forget your textbook, but never the packet of chips. It doesn’t matter if you have been caught eating while in class. This is a habit that you never got over.

5. You excuse yourself to the loo in the middle of class just to have a bite from the canteen.

Some days, it seems as if your hunger is becoming a true monster. And you have to eat in the middle of a lecture just to settle down for a while. This is when you make up excuses. You’ll have a sudden urge to use the washroom or quick nausea creeping up. The first thing you do once out of the classroom will be to run to the canteen. You actually have a personal bond with the canteen Bhaiyya of your college.

6. You know all the cheapest food stalls around your college.

From the local lassi shops to cool coffee houses, you are familiar with all the places where you will be treated with tasty snacks at cheap rates. They are your daily hangouts and you have tasted every single item on their menu. Also, only you have the exact knowledge about the best eatables available in each of these shops. You go around each one of these at least once every week.

7. Sadly, there isn’t always pocket money left, but your stomach doesn’t adjust to the fact.

No matter how light your pocket is, your hungry stomach just can’t get it.on these occasions, it rumbles as usual on time only to remind you that you can’t be spent another dime on food. You literally walk the extra mile to save money so that you can eat later. You save up just to go to some extra posh restaurant in your neighborhood. Well, it is a blessing to have a good appetite but not in these scenarios.

8. You know the best restaurants in town because you’ve been to them all.

You and your gang of foodies make it a point to visit every single one of the restaurants in town. This not because you are tired of your daily hangouts, it’s just that you love the change of flavors. Your gang is especially interested in exploring new tastes and restaurants.You are too good at telling the difference between food in one restaurant to another. It’s a talent which your other friends always marvel at.

9. When a new restaurant opens in town, you are the first one your classmates go to for an opinion, because they know you will have tasted the food there.

This gives without saying. Once you spot a cool place, you plan with your fellow foodies to check out their food as soon as possible. And when you visit, you order things that you have never before tasted and make it a point to savor the food. The single visit decides whether your other friends are gonna go there or not.

10. You automatically turn up for fests in college because there is good food for free.

Well, well! This is a time of bliss for the foodies in college. You don’t care much as to which department is conducting the Fest. As long as you are provided free food, you take part in it and try to make it a success wholeheartedly. You are friends with every other foodie on campus thus just because all of you guys turn up for these Fests every single time. By any chance, if there is a food Fest near your campus, that is one place where you are sure to visit together. It’s kind of like a planned operation for you.

11. The perfect day for you is when your gang lunches out and comes back with a full tummy.

Your other friends never seem to get this point. No matter how much wait you have put one, more food only makes you happy. Really, you feel so much more happy and positive once you have had a good meal. Your friends might persuade you to give up calories, but no! The mere thought of giving up the tastiest of cheeseburgers or fries is too painful to even to contemplate. Besides, College is a time to have fun. You are having a great deal of fun every time you eat.

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