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When people save, we succeed. At our best, we help mobile phone users of all kinds try new things and get the most out of every rupee spent. But we also know it's hard to get what you want in a complex mobile market like India, which boasts mobile network providers that offer a million plans that an average user might take a lifetime to evaluate. So we gathered a small team of telecom and technology experts, and challenged them to build an app that they would use to fix their everyday telecom blues. The result is Bill BachaoTM. At Bill BachaoTM, we build innovative, mass-market, technology solutions that serve millions of users across India. Our focus is to leverage Big Data Analytics and offer advanced recommendation engines to make consumer choices easy and intuitive. Our Patent Pending services use proprietary software and databases, crowd sourcing, and complex algorithms to guide consumers in making optimal choices in their everyday purchases. For several large recurring spend categories, Indian consumers are at a disadvantage due to the complexity and lack of transparency of pricing and due to poor availability of the information they need to make the right purchase decision. The result can be frustrating and also expensive, often leaving consumers’ over paying and under served. Bill BachaoTM aims to solve this dilemma by providing objective, unbiased and personalized recommendations at an individual and local level. In short our philosophy is to make consumers lives easier by using smart technology. We worry about the complexity, so that you don't have to.

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