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Basic Stationery Items Coupons

The stationery items are always the primary need if you are going to Office, School, and collages. To get the stationery items on discount Dealsshutter listed the best deals of stationary that are on discount, so user fined it easily. The available stationery items that are a necessary need for everyone is Pen, Sharpener, Colored Pencils, Highlighters, and Erasers, etc. There are various online stores in India that offer a variety of stationery items at the best prices. If you want best stationary things for home, colleges, schools, and others, then check out this page to find a beat collection of Stationery products on discount and also get the stationary promo codes and Coupons. [Last Updated: September 2018]

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Enjoy heavy discount At A5 Size Wanderlust Notebooks

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Buy Colourful Owl Notebooks At 33% Off

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Stationary items are necessary for basically all people of all age groups in some form. These items are basic needs and required in school, colleges and office use. These are some small and everyday use tools needed by everybody at some time. Paper, Pens, pencils, rubber, sharpener, scales are some of the best examples of these basic stationary items category.


Almost everybody in the world requires these stationary items to carry out their works. In offices there is always a demand and need for stationery items like pens, papers, markers, dusters, scales, pencils, erasers, sharpeners, copies etc. even at schools and colleges, teaching and clerical, non-teaching staffs as well as students needs stationery items. For them, pens, pencils, chalks, dusters, copies, papers, scales etc, are their basic needs. Even education is nothing without studying and grasping it. So for studies and grasping, there is a requirement for noting down points, solving problems, etc. which cannot be done without the use of stationary items.


Basic stationary items includes various wide variety of items like pens, pencils, sharpeners, papers, wide variety of chart papers and other kinds of papers, copies and notepads of various kinds and size, rubbers, scales, sketch pens, markers, chalks, dusters, glues and gums, tapes, different kind of sheets like cellophane sheets and others, highlighters, pins, clips, stickers and labels, files and folders, tissues, art books, knife, cutters, scissors, inks and various other items.

School/college use

Stationary items are basic necessities in school and colleges. There is no school or college can exist without stationary items. Pens, pencils, chalks, dusters, erasers are some basic items that are required by students, teaching and non-teaching staffs to carry out their work.

Office use

For even everyday office and business use, stationary items are required and used on daily basis. For offices too, no activities can be performed without a stationary item in any form. For the people working in offices, their basic necessity is stationary items like pens, pencils markers, card-boards etc.

Materials use to make stationary items

Mainly materials like wood and plastics with quality and strong metals like aluminum are used to manufacture these stationary items. These raw materials are for the long run and last longer. Metals like aluminum used for manufacturing knifes and scissors are known for its strength and non-rusting properties. Besides this wood pulp is the key ingredient for preparing a paper and its items. Extracts from particular trees are used for manufacturing glues and gums. Even for making erasers with good smells and sweet aromas, essence from flowers, trees and plants are used. Metals like zinc and lead are also used for manufacturing pencil tips.

Stationary stores

You can get stationary items at both online and offline retail stores. There has been a continuous demand for stationary items because which it’s a huge business for its manufacturers. Book stores who also makes holiday projects for school and college students are growing a business these days and they also require a wide variety of stationery items for the preparation of projects. So for these purposes, they require bulks of stationary items. Even publishers, newspaper printing press and other types of the printing press, needs stationery items in large quantities.