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We came up with Artissary through the process of doing up our homes – realizing how far and wide proud home makers go to bring out their personalities through their homes – travelling the world to find those unique pieces that appeal to our sensibilities, fit our décor themes, our wallets and suitcases! Back to roots, we began to rediscover the immense wealth India has in its varied artistic traditions passed down through generations. Sadly the educated new generation no longer finds their art economically viable- there is no market for their wares. Question was- why do we depend on international designers to make Indian handicrafts hot when we have such amazing design talent around us! So that’s the story of Artissary – a place for contemporary Indian designs and creative or unique products for the home, from India and across the globe. As a first off, we are collaborating with very promising designers whose creations deserve a wider platform. We are hoping that the products excite you enough to result in a purchase.

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