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Travelling abroad is no more the thing which only fat cats can afford. AirAsia is worlds best low-cost airline which has offered cheapest flight fares to over 120 destinations across Asia and Australia. AirAsia believes in saving where one can and spending where one should. As a result of which, AirAsia provides you extra benefits once you register with AirAsia's big membership. Extra gifts and deals are offered along with discounts of up to 90% on flight bookings. You can also download the AirAsia money app for additional benefits. AirAsia allows you to earn big points with every booking and redeem these points for future flight bookings. One of the best things you should know is about AirAsia's big prepaid MasterCard. There are innumerable benefits of this card which is much like a credit card but it much better than that. The strangest feature of this card is that it is not linked to any bank account and still can be used for in-store and online shopping. For AirAsia customer's comfort is the first priority and hence they take special care of customer' proper seating. You can choose your seat according to your wish in the plane. You are offered premium flatbed, emergency row seats, twin seats, hot seats, quiet zone seats and standard seats to choose from. Book your flight ticket with AirAsia to get a handsome discount on the price of tickets. All the daily and weekly cheap ticket deals of AirAsia are updated at Dealsshutter regularly. Use the coupon code shown to you at Dealsshutter for availing great discounts. You should also pre-book your meals and baggage allowance for saving extra. So, Hurry Up! Fly with AirAsia if you are looking for cheapest airfares. [Last Updated: September 2020]

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  1. Download the AirAsia Mobile application as AirAsia offers special discounts and deals on Mobile Apps.
  2. Both android, as well as IOS mobile application, is available.

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Explore more about Air Asia

WHY AirAsia?

AirAsia is the world’s best low-cost airline headquartered near Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. AirAsia offers cheapest flight fares to over 120 destinations across Asia and Australia. AirAsia has made air travels accessible to everyone by providing attractive deals and offers. AirAsia Big prepaid master card lets you travel the world without any cash. This card is accepted worldwide and comes with a number of advantages. There are additional benefits of AirAsia mobile application. The AirAsia mobile application is available for both androids as well as Apple users.

Salient Features Of AirAsia Mobile App

Download the AirAsia Mobile app for convenience and better services. You can plan your entire travel on just one app and that is-AirAsia Mobile app. There are many offerings of AirAsia Mobile app

  1. Search and book flights directly from your mobile phone.
  2. Exciting Mobile App deals are available only through mobile application.
  3. You can select your flight add-ons in a much easier way than ever with the help of AirAsia Mobile application.
  4. AirAsia Mobile app allows you to pre-book meals, baggage allocation, seats and travel insurance directly from your mobile devices.
  5. This mobile application has made online payments easy and secure. AirAsia accepts any Visa, MasterCard and Amex credit and debit cards as well as BIG MasterCard and AirAsia EZpay prepaid cards.
  6. AirAsia Mobile app is available in 11 languages.
  7. Manage your bookings, check-ins, check flight status and avail boarding passes directly through the AirAsia mobile app.
  8. Add to calendar option is there so that you can add the date of your upcoming flight. Get instant notifications of your flight on your mobile.
  9. You can compare the prices and hotel ratings before booking hotel from AirAsia Mobile app. Book your ideal hotel directly from the mobile app.
  10. Mobile Check-in is one of the amazing features of this app. You need not stand in long queues for check-in. You can scan the barcode at any one of the airport kiosks to print your boarding pass.

AirAsia's Money App

Save time and money by downloading AirAsia's Money app. Some of the advantages of AirAsia money app are:

  1. Pay the real exchange rate when travelling abroad.
  2. Transferring money through this app is absolutely free and saves a lot of time.
  3. You can save big by booking your flight through AirAsia Mobile app.
  4. AirAsia app tracks your expenses automatically.
  5. Earn big points with every booking and redeem these points in future to save extra.

Choose Your Seat With AirAsia

AirAsia gives you the authority to choose your own seat in the aeroplane as per your requirement.

1)Premium Flatbed

AirAsia X flight provides you with the facility of lying while you travel with a seat which reclines to a full flatbed when desired. In addition to this, extra perks are also provided when one chooses the premium flatbed seat.

2)Emergency Row Seats

 There are special conditions for the people who can occupy emergency Row Seats.These conditions are mentioned below:-

  • People aged 15 or above.
  • People with no infants along them.
  • Ladies who are not in any stage of pregnancy.
  • People who are capable of understanding emergency instructions.

3) Quiet Zone

 If you want to fly with peace and tranquillity then A330 aircraft has a special quiet zone for you. Specialities of Quiet Zone are:

  • This zone has almost pin drop silence as no children below the age of 10 are allowed.
  • Faster services of meals
  • Soft and pleasant lighting.
  • No disturbance.

4)Twin Seats

Twin Seats are available for pre-book on AirAsia X (D7, XJ and XT) flights in case you want to sit with your travel partner rather than any stranger. Lovebirds or best friends can spend their quality time here without any interference. Nothing can match to the travel when you sit next to your buddy and your privacy is respected.

Benefits of Being a Big Member Of AirAsia

You can earn points after every booking with AirAsia, once you have done the Big member registration of AirAsia. This is highly rewarding as well as very convenient.

  1. You can redeem trips to more than 130 AirAsia Destinations.
  2. Savings of up to 90% on AirAsia flights.
  3. You can enjoy exclusive gifts and offers after becoming AirAsia's big member.

What is AirAsia Big Prepaid Master Card

The big prepaid master card is everything you need while travelling. It is a customised payment and loyalty card. The functioning of Big Prepaid Master card is just like any other credit or debit card. The only difference is that Big prepaid master card does not come with a limit and is not linked to any bank. The big prepaid card comes with two card options- plastic card and virtual card. This method of digital payment is efficient and helps to control your spendings.

Why is AirAsia Big Prepaid Master Card The Best?

1) Worldwide Acceptance

The big prepaid master card is accepted worldwide at over 35.9 million locations for in-store & online shopping.

2) Safe & Secure

This digital payment method is 100% safe and secure. You can opt for SMS alerts to get the notification for every transaction you made.

3) No Annual Fees and No Interest Charges

The Big prepaid master card as the name suggests is a prepaid card which gives you the convenience of cash in a card without any extra hidden charges. Moreover, there are no interest charges and no annual fees.

4) Manage Account On-The-Go

The Big Prepaid MasterCard has a customer online management portal through which managing your profile for reloading funds is just one click away. gives a quick access to customer's account of AirAsia's big prepaid master card.